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Fakenham, England, NR21 7AE
United Kingdom




Sculpture casting foundry providing a complete foundry service to fine art sculptors from across the UK. From our workshop based in rural North Norfolk we offer a specialist lost wax bronze casting service. We pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship, with every piece being hand finished to produce beautiful authentic works.







We understand that patination can be the defining element of a bronze sculpture, we have spent many years researching, developing and creating genuine patina's for silicon bronze.

Our approach is to not produce a range of patina's to select from, we prefer to work closely with every client and develop bespoke patina's, each one specifically created to fit a sculpture or a design brief.

Bronze patination is a process of binding translucent or opaque layers of colored oxides, metal salts and pigments, to the surface of the bronze. A single patina is generally made from multiple thin layers that have been applied to a cold or heated bronze surface, the colors and patterns are formed by both a reaction to the bronze and the method of application.

 Each patination is recorded as a recipe, along with its application method and outcome. Its very difficult to recreate an absolute match, as each application has many variables and its own unique handmade quality.

The examples below are just a small section of what is achievable, it's possible to evolve any number of new patina's using these as starting points, we can also use any combination of these examples upon a single form.