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Fakenham, England, NR21 7AE
United Kingdom



Mould Making

Sculpture casting foundry providing a complete foundry service to fine art sculptors from across the UK. From our workshop based in rural North Norfolk we offer a specialist lost wax bronze casting service. We pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship, with every piece being hand finished to produce beautiful authentic works.







Mould Making

We offer a wide range of different mould making techniques and materials, each one is appropriated based upon the size of the work, the number of editions the material used in creating the original and the material in which the piece is intended to be reproduced.

Ultimately our intention is to create an accurate copy of the original, replicating any surface detail, from a tiny fingerprint through to heavily under cut and textured surfaces.

The most commonly used method for mould making, consist of poured rubber or an applied rubber that reproduces the surface detail and this is supported with a resin or polymer plaster laminated jacket.

We work up to the scale of a full size figure and can create moulds in your studio or in our workshop. We are able to make moulds from materials, such as stone, resin, glass, foam, clay, fired ceramic, plaster and delicate ephemerals such as paper, fabric and organic matter.