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Investment Recipe

Plaster Investment Recipe for Bronze

These recipes have been used extensively on bronze and has produced some high quality castings. The method is to mix the ingredients in the order as listed adding the water last, the mixture appears dry as you mix, but will result in a creamy consistency that cures to a good strong plaster composite.

Degrease the wax pattern with a thin shellac sealer.


Detail Coats 

Detail coat with a creamy consistency and applied with a brush over the wax pattern, leave to fully cure before adding support coat. Cover the pattern thoroughly with a 1mm or 2 mm coating, apply a second or third coat depending on size and shape of pattern. 

Fused Silica 200  -  300g
Fine dry Sand  -  200g
Molochite 16/30  -  100g
Crystacal R  -  300g
Water  -  230g


Support Coat

We use this as a intermediate coat between the fine and the main backup, useful to add structural support to first coat and to reinforce areas that will undergo the most pressure during casting.

Fine Sand  -  400g
Molochite 16/30 -  400g
Herculite -  600g
Water  -  290g



Main Investment

Water  -  add water to bucket, leaving room for the volume to treble with the added dry ingredients.

2 Part  -  Ludo recycled investment from previous casting, broken down and riddled to a coarse 3 - 8 mm pebble
1  Part - 50 % Fine Casting and 50 % Herculite Mix

Mix as you add the dry ingredients to water, until you reach a creamy consistency. Apply by brush or hand, or cast as a supporting block.