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Fakenham, England, NR21 7AE
United Kingdom



Bronze Finishing

Sculpture casting foundry providing a complete foundry service to fine art sculptors from across the UK. From our workshop based in rural North Norfolk we offer a specialist lost wax bronze casting service. We pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship, with every piece being hand finished to produce beautiful authentic works.






Bronze Finishing

The work begins with cleaning away the refractory material, we use a hydro blasting system that uses water under high pressure. This cleans the metal without damaging the surface and is particularly good for washing out the cores within the hollow forms.  

The initial stages of metal work, starts with trimming away all the sprues and risers, essentially the pathways for the bronze to enter the mould and create the form of the sculpture. 

The requirements of the individual sculpture vary considerably, some pieces require the entire surface to be cut back in order to create a clean flawless surface and other work requires us to do as little as possible and any work we undertake will eventually replicate the original as closely as possible.

The bronze casting process will repeat the finest of detail right down to a subtle finger print, so our approach is careful hand finishing using hammer and chisel in preference to powered abrasives when appropriate. We use sharp chisels to cut away the excess, like core pins, feathers and potatoes from the casting process. We also use a range of different chisels to shape the bronze surface, from domed formers to dish and compress the surface through to edged liners to define detail and a wide range of textured chisels to replicate the textures and patterns of the original.