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Fakenham, England, NR21 7AE
United Kingdom



Bronze Casting

Sculpture casting foundry providing a complete foundry service to fine art sculptors from across the UK. From our workshop based in rural North Norfolk we offer a specialist lost wax bronze casting service. We pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship, with every piece being hand finished to produce beautiful authentic works.







Bronze Casting


We are one of a few commercial foundries in the UK that chooses to use a traditional lost wax plaster block investment technique. It provide us with an intuitive and versatile method for casting bronze and remains in keeping with our approach of working by hand.  

The casting process begins by encasing, a single wax sculpture, a series of small sculptures or a segment of a much larger sculpture, within a refractory plaster block or mould. To remove the wax from the mould, it is first steamed and then loaded into our kiln. We fire the kiln slowly through a 8 day cycle, which drives out all of the remaining wax residue and removing any moisture from within the plaster.

 The plaster block moulds are left fragile from the firing, it is at this stage they are at their most vulnerable. Each mould is carefully reinforced with a plaster and hessian jacket, they are blown out to remove any partials that might remain inside the mould void. 

Molten bronze is poured into each individual mould, filling the void where the wax sculpture was once encased. The moulds are left to cool for 12 hours and then broken open to reveal the bronze sculpture within.